Monday, November 2, 2009

The cool cash programme!

I am Omolaolu John Ayodele, an Online Business Manager working with many HYIPs. I have been able to invest with as many as possible HYIPs (Highest Yielding Investment Programmes), but I can tell you that I have not been very successful in all. I have lost about $700 with some of these programmes. Yes, the money is not that much, but do you know what I was supposed to have made with that money? The fact is that some of them are are FRAUDULENT e.g.,,,,, and inter alia have been very funny!
Well, you also can also search using the Google to get some HYIP sites you can invest your money to confirm what I am saying. You stand a chance of loosing more that 65% of your money if you will embark on it. We can bet on that!
Why am I saying all these? With my experience and books/articles I have been able to read so far, I can UNFAILINGLY embark with these HYIPs without losing my capital (the most paramount), although they pay at a very low percentage, but I can CERTAINLY tell u that they are WELL REWARDING and RELIABLE.
I have done an investment of more than N550,000 with various HYIPs in which I am making COOL cash on daily basis for MYSELF and CLIENTS. I have paid every of my clients their profits for the last month.

Just give me your bank account details and your interest for the 20 working days after investment date will surely reflect. You can reinvest with it if you desire.

I must run this online investment for more than 5 years and as one of the The Oldest and Best Paying Online Investment programs ever. Am not really interested in the money, but more money wouldn't kill. Isn't it? What I am interested in is making history, priding myself in the fact that I managed the one of the best and oldest online investments ever. SO HELP ME/US GOD!

To make payment, pay into:
Bank Name: Fidelity Bank.
A/c Name: Omolaolu John Ayodele
A/c No; 109620010001687


Libertyreserve a/c no: u8471933 (Ayotech)

Please endeavour to verify this a/c details before paying in.

If you want to be paid in NAIRA, send in your name, address, phone no, teller no, date of payment, purpose of payment, your bank account details (the a/c I can pay your interest into after 20 working days after the investment day. to

Send your libertyreserve a/c details to the above e-mail if you want to be paid in DOLLAR!

Please, I won't be responsible for funding wrong account sent to me by you/investors!

NOTE; This investment is only done in the multiples of N5,000/$50

With N5,000/$50, your interest on working days will be 0.4%. Which means you will be getting N20/$0.2 every working day and N400/$4 at the end of 20 WORKING DAYS. This will continue for MONTHS until you WITHDRAW your CAPITAL. Withdrawing your capital ends your business with me. With your capital intact, you collect your interest after every 20 working days if you wouldn`t want to compound.

With N10,000/$100, interest will be 2 x N400/$4 = N800/$8
With N15,000/150, interest will be 3 x N400/$4 = N1,200/$12
With N20,000/$200, interest will be 4 x N400/$4 = N1,600/$16
With N50,000/$500, interest willl be 10 x N400/$4 = N4,000/$40
With N100,000/$1,000, interest will be 20 x N400/$4 = N8,000/$80
With N200,000/$2,000, interest will be 40 x N400/$4 = N16,000/$160
With N500,000/$5,000, interest will be 100 x N400/$4 = N40,000/$400

REMEMBER, that your money is guaranteed!

Also, don’t forget that you can WITHDRAW your INTEREST as well as your CAPITAL anytime!
Capital will be sent to your account within 7 working days.