Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lets make things work out QUICKIE!

Hello My People!

Yesterday I got to read a 2 page report from a respected internetmarketer in Nigeria and he shared a story...and that is what I wantto begin this newsletter with.

There was a 12yr old boy whose Uncle bought a $10,000 shoe for himas Christmas present. This 12yr old kid so much love this shoe thathe decided not to wear it for Christmas but everyday he would bring out the shoe and spend 2hrs polishing the shoe, he did this everyday until he became 15yrs. So on his 15th birthday he decided to put on the shoes only to discover that the shoe no longer fits. That is the way MANY Nigerians are. We spend money buying information product and attending the seminars but we never applied the secret.
and when we do it is not immediately, so we come back saying that there port didn't work, rather it was us who didn't WORK [when we were supposed to]

Another example is what i noticed about my present product:

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Despite the fact that I have done tons of sales, I have only gotten about 4 testimonials from those who have applied it and made money from it. So what is happening to rest?
They probably want to be like that 12yr old boy. I learnt something from the same marketer that shared that story also few months ago when I attended one of his seminars;

He said95% of Nigerians are buyers while just 5% are sellers. Then he said if you want to make MONEY, re-position yourself to among the sellers and not just the buyers. Even when you buy, buy to sell. That is the reason you can find a business newspaper of 20,000 readers and only 30 people are the ones advertising a particular product, service e.t.c Why? 5%sellers and 95% buyers

The Earlier, the Better My People.
Let’s make this community okay financially
By making money without much sweat!